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Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue Mission

The mission of Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue is to provide a rescue puppy option for individuals and families that might otherwise purchase a puppy due to the low numbers of young dogs and puppies in the shelters here relative to some other areas in the country.  Of equal importance is that the demand for rescue puppies here locally helps to the life of a puppy in another state where there is an overpopulation problem. We also hope to help educate people about the plight of animals and overpopulation in other areas of the country by the nature of our rescue.

Visit or Facebook page for more information, or email us at


Question:  Who are the Georgia Peaches?

Answer:  Georgia Peaches are young dogs and puppies from Georgia who need a forever home!  They are highly adoptable dogs—many of which were scheduled for euthanasia at a high kill shelter.  Their ages range from 8 weeks to 1 year.  However a Georgia Peach really stands for a puppy coming from a disadvantaged environment which could be anywhere in the world!

Question:  Why Georgia?

Answer:  This project addresses the needs of a sub-population of young dogs in a state that is overpopulated due to inconsistent spaying and neutering.  In the Southeast US, there is a surplus of puppies and it is not uncommon for entire puppy litters to be destroyed.  The shelters in Georgia are often crowded due to dog overpopulation as well as owner surrenders, and because of that the euthanasia rate is high.

Question:  Why would you bring puppies from Georgia—don’t we have lots of them here in Seattle?

Answer:  Puppies are something we do NOT have a surplus of in Seattle.  Because we generally adhere to spay and neuter laws, there are less accidental litters.  A family that wants a rescue puppy has a challenge on their hands.  Some give up the quest and ultimately turn to breeders.  The Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue aims to give homeless puppies that have been on death row a chance to come get adopted in the dog loving Pacific Northwest.   And in turn, these Georgia Peach puppies give locals here in Seattle the option to bypass a breeder and make a choice to support puppy rescue!  Lately, we have expanded to adoptions in Canada and Alaska where there is also a lower number of rescue puppies.


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