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  1. Debby Driskell #

    Hi, I m overwhelmed with the amazing work your rescue does. Living in the south, I see the problem of strays which results in the overcrowding of our shelters. Bless you for helping these young dogs.

    I have recently rescued 2 German Shepherds from the local shelter. A 4 month old black and tan and a 2 year old white male. The female pup was placed in a foster home, and I’m hoping it becomes her permanent home. The white male (he’s really more yellow) but very unique and beautiful is heart worm positive. I am paying ALL vet bills to get him a clean bill of health. Would your organization take him when all treatment is done? He has been spending afternoons and weekends at my house and he is an amazing dog. I’m hoping to find him a home locally, but I’m also trying to make as many connections as possible. He would fit in quite well in the northwest!

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Debby Driskell

    PS……so glad you have the frmale Baxter!! I donated $100.00 to the shelter to get that sweet pup out!

    August 16, 2012

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